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Whiten your teeth in just 15 minutes!

Affordable • Enamel Safe • Immediate Results

Our cosmetic teeth whitening system offers immediate results at an affordable price.

Here at The Mews Laser & Skin Clinic we offer a quick, pain free, and enamel safe process that produces guaranteed results in just 15 minutes.

Treatment Menu

Single Session

One fifteen minute session lifts topical staining which results in a 95% chance shade improvement of two – four shades.

Double Session

Two 15-minute sessions most commonly done in immediate succession as the complete whitening cycle. After the first 15-minute session lifts topical stains, the second 15 minute session is able to lift deeper and older stains from other teeth staining vices. Double session should provide a shade improvement of two – ten shades.


What will I experience during this procedure?

  • You may feel a slight tingling, bubbling or effervescence against your teeth for the first few minutes. This is normal and is the sign that the gel is producing the oxygen that does the work of bleaching.

  • Does the SmileLABS™ process cause damage to teeth enamel?

No, research has shown that bleaching your teeth with peroxide-based gels does not harm the enamel of the teeth. This type of bleaching has been done for over twenty years, even with stronger whitening gels than what SmileLABS™ uses, and no damage to enamel has occurred.

How long will my teeth stay white?

One to two years is possible and depends greatly on the client’s lifestyle and habits. If one drinks a lot of coffee, tea, dark soda, or red wine, or especially if one smokes, the results will not last as long. These individuals may have to repeat the process more often.

Is the SmileLABS™ procedure safe?

Yes. Extensive clinical research and trials have shown that Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is safe.[vii] Many dentists and dental researchers consider this process to be the safest dental or cosmetic procedure available. SmileLABS™ does recommend that no one under the age of 18 years, nor any women that are pregnant or breast feeding, have this procedure done.

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